Megan DiSabatino

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After more than twenty years of practice, exploration and study, the art and science of yoga has settled deeply into my heart and soul. Yoga, the union of body, breath and mind is a means to express ourselves finding that creative, healing space within. In the body dwells awareness. Yoga is a method to awaken this awareness, the so called: body consciousness. The ancient art of yoga builds strength, creativity, heat, flexibility, endurance and balance while revealing the beauty that is already deep within us. Yoga is a gift, a celebration of the heart, and an exploration into the realms of the body, mind and spirit. Yoga is an invitation to inner peace which unites all creation and our divine selves.

Yoga has allowed me to re-connect with my body in a profound way, awakening creativity and nourishing the soul. It allows me to get out of my thinking, busy mind and into my feeling, blissful body. The body is infinitely wise and wants to be healthy and strong. With each practice, I learn and grow and continue to break through mental and physical boundaries. I have experienced a magical transformation in my physical, spiritual and mental well-being. My mission is to share what I know with others in a warm, joyful yet challenging vinyasa flow.